The Pits, well named, are a series of underground caves and ravines in the earth, with elevated platforms connected by the roots of trees. The Pits are surrounded by the Celestial Peak's cliffsides. Underneath the surface of The Pits, lies the Pit Depths, which is home to monsters such as Golems and various magma monsters. The Pits hold a wide host of ores, birds, and little plant life. Titanium Ore is abundant in The Pits, as well as the Munsk, Target Mushroom, Boomba Mushroom, Clownbird, Gumbo, Primeval Genie, and many other creatures that roam throughout the day or night. It's noted that there's an eyeball located inside The Pits known as the Gazing Eye. It's also known that Grateful Frog may have the chance to spawn under these elevated platforms.

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