The Pits is a massive area that can be found in the Frontier. It is a series of large ravines, crevasses, and various rough, uneven terrain located near The Town of Right and Wrong. It mostly consists of columns of rocks from the bottom layer, holding up the rough, uneven terrain, creating small ravines which are connected by roots, with the holes just big enough for the sunlight to shine down on the bottom, rocky layers, which is part of the Pit Depths. The Pits shares the following borders of the listed areas:

It's home to fairytale-based creatures of pastel colors, such as the Munsk. The Pits consists of many trees of white, blue, lime, and occasionally pink, which are all subdued pastel colors. The Primeval Genie seems to be one of the few monsters that are not with a subdued color, as it is dark green.

Down under the bottom layers of The Pits is the Pit Depths, an underground opening that structures within it are the Magma Brain. The Magma Brain is said to be the powerful boss which, according to the game sources, is the primary source of volcanic complications inside of The Pits.

There are noteworthy landmarks and geographic features that can be found in The Pits including:

  • Black Ant Tunnels - The natural habitat of the Black Ants. Similar to the Red Ant Cove and acts as a passageway between The Pits and Abandoned Orchard.
  • Celestial Cave Passage - The cave passageway under Celestial Peak, connecting Celestial Field and The Pits together.
  • Pit Depths - The bottom layers of The Pits mentioned in the paragraph previously.
  • The Pits Key Door - The glowing purple door between the borders of Petrified Grassland and The Pits. Can be accessed via equipping a Peapod Necklace.
  • Wizard's Teleportation Spot - The teleportation spot that the Kind Wizard and/or Greedy Wizard uses as a platform if the players paid their teleportation services.


  • The Pits is considered to be one of the largest zones in-game.
  • The Pits should not be confused with The Pitfall, a new area from the Ratboy's Nightmare Update.


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