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The Old Cave is a small area introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update. It is the first room where players are taken to after cultivating all 8 available plants from the Gardening feature in the Frontier and unlocking the sealed door in The Plant Room.

There are two ways to get into The Old Cave, using a hidden trapdoor in No-Legs' attic to be directly taken to a hidden area of the Pitfall. From there, players should go past the smoke particles and interact with the orb to be teleported to the first riddle-room (Inside). After that, the players should interact with the green door to be taken to The Plant Room and from there, the players may enter the sealed door if the players had acquired and cultivated all 8 plants from their garden plots.


Wildlife that can be found flying around the area include Bat and Ghost Bat.


Harvestable that can be found in the area include Bad Dust, Concentration Cube, Cursed Cards, Crumbling Root, Dream Dust, and Dream Mushroom.


The only NPC found in the area is Tall Anthony.

Not many activities can be done in The Old Cave, other than to be used as a 'safe zone' from the Maze of the Root or simply serving as a farming spot for players in need of Bat Wings or Ghost Bat Wings. Other than that, players may interact with the 4 Tall Anthony found in specific spots of The Old Cave, although they won't acquire much information from these NPCs. However, special dialogues will be triggered if the players have a Tall Anthony equipped.


  • The Old Cave is one of the few small zones in Fantastic Frontier that receives its own unique title. Other small locations include the Inside, MYSTERY STORE, and so forth.
  • Once a player goes through the door in The Plant Room, they are stuck in The Old Cave and the Maze of the Root. The only way to get out is by using a player's "home teleportation" or dying.