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  • Alias: The Mistake, Otherworld Guardian 

The Mistake shares similar appearances to the hulking guardians and protectors of the Frontier (Shellmouth, Forest Guardian, etc.) with the main differences being that it wields a gigantic club and appears to be corrupted or experimented by some forms of supernatural phenomenon or energies. It makes its appearance on the 49th floor of the Otherworld Tower, You've Made a Mistake, serving as the 2nd-to-last challenge before the players fight against Mr.58.


There are attacks that The Mistake can perform:

  • Cast Magic - An area-affecting spell that inflicts large amounts of damage to nearby players. Casts by The Mistake itself.
  • Quick Slam - Wields it clubs and attempts to bash the player's head in front of them as quick as possible.
  • Sluggish Slam - Wields its club behind its back before attempting to bash the player's head in front of them at a slow and steady pace.
  • Swing - Swings its club from left to right in front of itself in an attempt to harm the players.
  • Swipe - Swipes the players in front of them with its claw-like arm.


A popular strategy is to stand on the top of its head using the "Head Baiter" method which works on many mini-bosses and bosses found in the Otherworld Tower dungeon. Just like Zitrat, it is suggested that the players should stand at the neck level of itself. Otherwise, the players may be hit by its attacks.

If the player fights The Mistake at ground level, learning how to avoid each attack will negate the need for significant healing and armor. Jumping at the right time will allow swings and magic attacks to be dodged, strafing will prevent the quick slam from ever hitting, and moving into touching distance while strafing will prevent the sluggish slam from having any effect. If someone is being carried by another player, however, they should not engage The Mistake within its attack range as even the simplest of its attacks can result in a death penalty.


  • It is usually considered to be one of the easiest mobs if you simply use the "Head Baiter" method, though the fight may be significantly more difficult without doing this.
  • It was introduced in the Otherworld Update.
  • It is the 2nd-to-last monster of the Otherworld Tower dungeon.