Fantastic Frontier Roblox Wiki


The Maze Wood is a small forested area that can be found in the Frontier. Like its name implies, The Maze Wood is a wood overtaken by other plants, such as bushes, hedges, and shrubs. It borders the ridges of The Pits, Abandoned Orchard, and A Frontier of Dragons. The coastlines of The Maze Wood is known as The Long Coast. There is no landmark of particular importance that players could remember as they venture in the zone.


The Maze Woods is home to a decent amount of birds, including Black Dragonbird, Bluenal, Glowbird, Greenal, Keemal, Money Bird, Spirit Bird. The Maze Woods is full of invisible walls so it's suggested to get close to a bird you're hunting before firing.


There is an abundance of harvestables that can spawn on the floor of The Maze Wood. The group of plants in the area includes Abandoned Flower, Angry Bushdweller, Bobber Mushroom, Boomba Mushroom, Elephant Mushroom, Fife Flower, Flatty Mushroom, Fruitstack, Grateful Frog, Hungry Flower, Lool Flower, Mushtache Mushroom, Spurtle Mushroom, and the Traveler Plant. Certain harvestables like the Grateful Frog and Traveler Plant will be much harder to find in the area than the others due to the fact they can spawn anywhere on the map.


Many dangerous mobs reside in The Maze Wood that include Croc Man, Dark Ghost, Dark Snibber, Fantastic Dragon, Forest Troll, Forest Walker, Lava Munsk, Primeval Genie, Pygmy Dragon, Red Croc Man, Robo-Hopper, Two-Eyed Monstrosity, and finally the Yellowman. Some of these monsters can pose a serious threat to starter players, especially in the confined quarters that The Maze Wood has. Beginning players are not recommended to travel to The Maze Wood, especially if they go through the Frontier of Dragons.


The only NPC that can be found within The Maze Woods is the Interdimensional Traveler. The Interdimensional Traveler is an NPC that can be be found randomly all over the Frontier, when found and interacted with you will receive a random gift from him. Keep in mind he randomly teleports around the Frontier once he is found so he will not always be in The Maze Woods.