The Long Coast is one of the various coastlines that can be found in the Frontier. The Long Coast, not to be confused with The Far Coast, is a coastline that borders several map areas, including but not limited to:

As its name implies, the coastline is considerably long, stretching from the coastal edges of The Maze Wood all the way down to Frigid Waste's cliffs, connecting with the coastlines of Pebble Bay.

There is one landmark that is considered to be noteworthy, known as the Shipwreck. The Shipwreck is an area where the Pirates are often seen, stranded along the waters or the coastlines near the sanctuary, Blue Ogre Camp. Since the arrival of the Spring Update, a boathouse on sale can be found south of Blue Ogre Camp along The Long Coast. Players can purchase the house at a price of 500,000 gold in order to travel to Matumada, an island that drifted close to the Frontier.

Other than that, The Long Coast lacks any artificial features that could be seen in the zone, other than geographical features such as pillars of rocks, cliff edges, and elevated terrains that enables players to venture on the lands of the Frontier again.


  • The Long Coast is known for being one of the most common fishing spots to acquire an Emperor Whale.
  • Inhabitants that are often found in the areas are Blueman and any variants of the Pirates.
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