The Library of Riddles, simply known as The Library, is an area of significance located in The Mansion, a medium-sized zone located in the Nightmare. The Library of Riddles is a place where players attempt to solve a riddle in order to acquire access to the Green Door and the Inside in order to solve the second riddle of the Nightmare.

Upon entering the room, the room is composed of several aligned bookshelves containing non-interactable books and magical boxes, as well as two staircases; one leading upward to nowhere, while the other one leads to the lower half of the library. Players will also notice noticeable props, such as small tables, chairs, and candelabras; both sentient and non-sentient. Multiple ceiling lanterns can be seen hanging underneath the roofs, as well as a solar system model with eight planets of various types. Other than that, several blackened windows can be seen on the walls, as well as another iron gated exit located on the other side of the library.

The most significant portion of the room is the Tower of Riddles, a series of spiral staircases leading up to the upper portion of The Library. Along the way, players will also notice several small wall shelves with magical boxes resting on top of it. After the players finally reach the tower's floor, they will also notice similar features from the lower portions of the zone. The main difference between the tower and the library is that the players can interact with the Plaque, an NPC that can be interacted with in order to solve the first riddle, requiring the players to count the number of a specific item in the magical boxes scattered throughout the spiral staircase area, the library, and the tower. (For more information on the first riddle, please read the Plaque's article)

Overall, the zone is only visited if the players wish to take shortcuts to other parts of The Mansion and/or to solve the first riddle in order to gain access to Inside. Players must be cautious about potential dangers, as Macabre Candelabras can startle unsuspecting players.


In order to get there, players must go through The Deli and into The Mansion's main intersection. From there, they must head up to the second floor and take the door to the right of the main intersection, going through a big room, narrow hallways, and into the Fish Hall. Once there, players must travel to the leftmost hall and find a large door leading the players to another part of The Mansion. Players will eventually find themselves in front of The Library of Riddle's entrance.

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