The Jade Twin is one of the many weapons that can be acquired in the Nightmare. It can be purchased from the Frog in the Waiting Room at a price of 7,000,000 gold.

In appearance, The Jade Twin is the jade counterpart to the Blade of the Throne, with the main differences being the changes in color. The staff handle and magical projectiles of the weapon are bright yellow, while the blade appears and glows a similar shade of green. The most notable difference, however, is the glowing yellow gem on the hilt of the sword.

While the weapon is in Sword Form, it is capable of performing quick slashes similar to those of scimitars and the Blade of the Throne. Each swing consumes 2-3 stamina and is fast enough to allow for heightened DPS in comparison to other melee weapons of its price range.

While the weapon is in Caster Form, it fires slow, narrow vertical projectiles that can phase through objects, dealing damage to any enemy it passes through. The projectiles consume 3-4 stamina each time they are launched and despawn after a moderate period of time.

The main difference between The Jade Twin and the Blade of the Throne, aside from damage, is the fact that it takes 50% of Ranged and Magic bonuses when modifying the damage of its attacks.


The Jade Twin is a very class-specific weapon as it is best used only by users who use both ranged and magic weapons (magic rangers). Any other class is better off purchasing the Blade of the Throne.

The Jade Twin in its standard form is a typical sword that swings quickly and moves the player forward slightly. This form has formidable DPS but can be risky due to the short range of the blade as well as the forced forward movement.

The Jade Twin in its alternate form (achieved by pressing "R") has very long range and spam capabilities. Although the projectiles move slow and can be very laggy, shooting multiple allows for high damage dealt witihn seconds. These projectiles travel far and pierce through enemies allowing this weapon fantastic crowd control.

Only players who excel in both magic and range should purchase this weapon for their arsenal. It is one of the few weapons designed solely with them in mind and carries not only melee capabilities for close-ranged mobs but ranged capabilities and great crowd control. This weapon is very powerful but only when used in the right hands.


  • The Jade Twin is virtually identical to the Blade of the Throne in form and function, with the only differences being color, damage, and attack bonuses.
  • The Jade Twin's blade color of green likely comes from the fact that this color is created by mixing yellow and blue, the two colors that represent Ranged and Magic damage respectively in the Frontier. This also applies to the Blade of the Throne being colored blue.


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