The Forgotten Lands is one of the, if not the most, expansive areas of the Frontier. It holds many monsters that aren't very visible at first, but upon traveling deeper in, more of them will spawn. Rozier Flowers spawn here as collectibles, along with Mud Genies and Mushroom Heads as monsters, so be wary. Fishing is a great way to make money in this area; by fishing in the lake near the wooden pike border of the Forgotten Lands and the Frigid Waste, you can earn around 100,000 dollars per trip (but a faster rod is recommended). The Forgotten Lands are very treacherous for new players as there's nowhere nearby to take shelter and fast-travel except for the Blue Ogre camp, which is only on one side of the lands. Along with the few Spitters and other enemies that spawn near the coasts, this area of the Frontier should be avoided until properly geared.

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