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The Forgotten Lands is a massive area that can be found in the Frontier. The lands are filled with monsters and these monsters can come from other nearby areas, like Blackrock Mountain or Frigid Waste. The Forgotten Lands is the main area where Mud Genies are abundant. Mushroom Head may spawn here sometimes. The Forgotten Lands is notably known for its tall, green trees near Blue Ogre Camp. This large area conceals Frigid Waste from bordering other zones, other than its coastlines.

Players may have the option to fish here to farm gold in the pond-side near Frigid Waste. It is near the wooden pike border that separates the two zones. The Forgotten Lands can be very treacherous for beginner players as these players are nowhere nearby to take shelter or fast-travel, except for Blue Ogre Camp, which is only on one side of the area. This area is not suggested to beginner players until they're properly geared for the dangers.

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