The Far Coast is one of the various coastlines in the Frontier. The Far Coast, not to be confused with The Long Coast and/or Coral Bay, is a coastline that borders several map areas, including but not limited to:

As its name implies, the coastline is considerably located far away from all of the sanctuaries located in the Frontier, stretching from the elevated terrains leading into The Rolling Road to the coastlines of Starry Point.

There are two landmarks of importance that can be found in The Far Coast:

  1. Coastal Woods - The woods located on the coastlines of The Far Coast, closest to Starry Point. Players can find other organisms inhabiting the areas, such as the Otherworldly Knight, Dust Raptor, and Grugbug Mushroom.
  2. Ocean Spirit's Domain - The domain of the Spirit of the Ocean. It serves as an area where players can interact with the Spirit to upgrade their health pool. It's also well-known for being the original spawn-point of the Coral Giant, a mob that is often farmed by players.

Overall, The Far Coast is one of the most visited zones that players explore in to perform a variety of activities that the coastlines have to offer, unlike the other coastlines of the Frontier.


  • Before the Otherworld Update, The Far Coast was only significant for the natural spawn-point of the Coral Giant located at the Ocean Spirit's Domain.
  • After the Otherworld Update came, The Far Coast became more popular for the 'good' mobs that provide better loot when slain, such as the Otherworldly Knight.
  • The Far Coast is arguably one of the most detailed coastlines that can be found in the Frontier, the other being The Long Coast.
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