The Far Coast is a large coastline that extends from The Rolling Road to Starry Point found in the southernmost region of the Frontier. The Far Coast borders two major bodies of waters, those being Coral Bay to its east and Pebble Bay to its west.


The geography of The Far Coast can be described as a long coastline littered with shells and corals. Several patches of shallow lagoons can be found near the centermost area of the coastline that extends into the lagoon where the Spirit of the Ocean resides, and closer to the territories of The Deep Forest are bizarre trees often accompanied by Walkers and Grugbug Mushrooms on most occasions. The rivers of Rubble Spring also extends into The Far Coast, where Hoodlum Falls can be found at.


Common birds includes:

Common flora, fungi, and collectibles includes:

Fish native to the region include but are not limited to the following:

Mobs indigenous to the region are:



  • Prior to the Otherworld Update, The Far Coast was only visited by adventurers planning to farm the Coral Giant at its natural spawn-point (the lagoon).
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