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The Far Coast is a large coastline that extends from The Rolling Road to Starry Point found in the southernmost region of the Frontier. The Far Coast borders two major bodies of waters, those being Coral Bay to its east and Pebble Bay to its west.


Birds that can be found in the area include Beachbird, Dust Raptor, Glowbird, Gull, Polewatcher, and finally Weatherbird.


Harvestable in the area include Brain Mushroom, Clamstack, Fantastic Mushroom, Grugbug Mushroom, Sandy Coral, Shell, and Strangeman's Shell.


Fishes in the area include Common Gupper, Emperor Whale, Ghost Clapper, Golden Ticketfish, Jerryfish, Oddity, Red Clapper, Shark, Shockjaw, and the Shrimp.


The mobs that can be found in the area consist of Ancient Cobalt Knight, Coral Giant, Dark Ghost, Dull Frog, Otherworldly Dollhunter, Otherworldly Knight, Pirate, Red Croc Man, Two-Eyed Monstrosity, Walker, and the Whisperer.


NPCs found in The Far Coast consist of Spirit of the Ocean and the Interdimensional Traveler.



  • Prior to the Otherworld Update, The Far Coast was only visited by adventurers planning to farm the Coral Giant at its natural spawn-point (the lagoon).
  • The Far Coast has an average reel waiting time of 19 seconds (~5 with Captain's Fishing Rod), being regarded as one of the best places to fish for the Emperor Whale.