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  • Alias: The Employer, Bot Head/Head Bot, Head Honcho

The Employer is a mechanical robot figure acting as the summoner of the Office Bot. The Employer can be found on the 38th floor of the Otherworld Tower, Home From Work, serving as an idle summoner that will summon Office Bots to do its biddings.


There is only one attack that The Employer can perform:

  • Summon Office Bot - Summons an Office Bot onto the platform.


A very popular strategy is to stand on the head of The Employer while being cautious about summoned Office Bots. Magic weapons and ranged weapons are heavily advised during this floor, although melee weapons may be at its disadvantage if the user fails to create a strategy beforehand.


  • It is sometimes compared to a Robo-Hopper.
  • It was introduced during the Otherworld Update.
  • The Employer's actual nickname is known as "I Am Home From Work", shortened down to Home From Work, however, the developers had stated that it did not roll off the tongue well and it is up to the community to decide on a better nickname for it.
  • The maximum amount of Office Bots The Employer can spawn is 20