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The Deli is a large, wide section found outside of The Mansion's entrance and is one of the first zones adventurers will come across in the Nightmare. Operated by Croc employees, players may wait at the designated booth marked with a glass bottle where they will receive random consumables and other miscellaneous items such as food or armor.


The Deli is a large diner with several eating booths decorated with green cloth, napkins, and bottles that span across from one end to the other end. In front of the eating booths lining up on one side of the walls, the kitchen can be found across from it, composed of several glass counters with several platters of various foods and beverages, shelves, wide, rectangular tables, and a small closeted room to the right. The ends facing in the opposite direction of where the counter is located are small, private booths that can be explored briefly, with one of the end hosting a small birthday party (a cake sitting on the table by itself). The cake can be interacted with by the adventurers and a small audio can be heard when triggered, exclaiming, "Happy birthday!" in recognition of the 1st anniversary of Fantastic Frontier at the time of the Nightmare's release to the public.

In the kitchen closet to the rightmost corner of The Deli, the adventurers will see a shelf lined up on the walls with two Rat Tokens. Adventurers can interact with the shelf by pressing 'E' and it will trigger a small event where the wall will turn clockwise, revealing a hidden bedroom. 7 Rat Tokens can be found here, as well as an orange button needed to unlock the Orange Door across from The Deli's entrance. Once pressed, adventurers will gain permanent access to the room behind the Orange Door, that being The Hidden Library - a room hosting the Itempedia of the Nightmare.


NPCs that can be found in the area include Ascended Croc, Awoken Croc Chef, Clown, Enlightened Croc Waiter, Friendly Goon, Gargoyle, Gnome, Guard, and Pink Chick.

AFK Booth Minigame

The wait time for both the Short Wait and the Long Wait is inconsistent and does not generally mean much in regard to the difference in time. Both the Short Wait and the Long Wait option share the same reward table, however, Long Wait allows the players to get better 'servings' because they allow the bottle to change into more colors as time passes by to yield better rewards. This stands true with Spectrabox's statement, quoted below:

"One thing I wanted to clarify about the Deli Minigame since I saw a lot of players getting the wrong idea - 'Short Wait' and 'Long Wait' both go off the same reward tables. The rewards are based off the color of the bottle when you get the food only. Short/Long wait only make it more or less likely to progress further into the colors." - Spectrabox

Assuming that all bottle colors share the same reward table, players are still vulnerable in acquiring lesser-valued items such as the Candy Crumbs, from a black bottle, which would typically yield more desirable items. Bottle colors are organized from worst to best, that order being from Red (Worst), Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (Best). The amount of time it takes for a bottle to change color varies heavily, with 20-second intervals for the bottle to change colors.

Reward Table

Regarding The Deli's reward table, information concerning the percentage chances of obtaining certain items can be found in a Pastebin list provided by the developers. For your convenience, it is sorted from worst tier to tier (the list starting from Red and gradually goes down to Black).

The Pastebin list can be accessed here --> Reward Table

List of Possible Servings

Asparagus Slug.png
Carrot Juice.png
George's Spicy Chicken.png
Giant's Corn.png
Greater Dungeon Candy.png
Heavyhead Fish.png
Lesser Dungeon Candy.png
Noble Blue Seed.png
Odd Blue Shrimp.png
Odd Green Shrimp.png
Odd Yellow Shrimp.png
Rich Man's Delight.png
Tall Anthony.png


  • TheCrown.png The Crown and the WhiteSalamander.png White Salamander are exclusive to The Deli. They cannot be obtained from any other sources outside of The Deli.
    • Both are available from all the bottles, and gradually become more common as they cycle.
  • The AFK booth mini-game may sometimes be glitched due to players leaving accidentally or purposefully while sitting in the booth. Not much can be done besides rejoining a different server to resolve the issue.
  • Both waiting time choices may cycle through any colours as the cycling is random.
    • A short wait relies more heavily on luck in that regard, as a long wait is more likely to yield the better bottle colours.
    • However, as its name suggests, the short wait takes less of your time.
  • Up to a maximum of 4 players can participate in the AFK booth mini-game


  • While Golem Barons may appear in The Deli, its spawn-point is actually set outside of The Deli's entrance, with that section being part of The Mansion.
  • The Deli is what the Awoken Croc Carl's inn could've been.
  • The Deli's background soundtrack 'Marty Gots a Plan' was removed due to copyright reason despite being a copyright free music and was replaced with 'Kitchen Bazar'.