The Deep Forest is a massive, forested area that can be found in the Frontier. As its name implies, the lands are described to be a forest, particularly, a deciduous forest. The large number of trees that inhabits the area covers the land below in shade, protecting organisms from the sunlight. The lands border various areas that include the following:

There is only one notable landmark that can be found in the area. This particular landmark is known as the Spirit of the Forest's Shrine, a shrine where the Spirit of the Forest stares ahead and provides HP-upgrade services that players could do to benefit themselves as they progress. Players that interacts with the Spirit can upgrade their health by 100, increasing their health pool. In order to upgrade, however, players must pay the Spirit of the Forest a fee of 100,000 gold.

Overall, The Deep Forest acts as a hub to harvest a variety of mushrooms that can be found throughout specific areas of the forest, as well as homes to several mobs that lurks in the forest. It is one of the few places that players often venture to complete several tasks and objectives, such as the Slayer's Tasks and other available farming methods that work in the areas.


  • The Deep Forest are possibly influenced by Scandinavian mythology and folklore, such as the native Forest Trolls that can be found in the areas.
  • The Deep Forest is one of the four map areas where a Spirit resides in.
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