The Deep Forest is a lush, deciduous forest that covers the southwestern region of the Frontier. The forest encompasses Greenhorn Grove, Red Ant Cove, and Starry Point, zones found relatively within or near its territories. It is the largest forest in the Frontier, the other being Greenhorn Grove.

The forest borders two large bodies of water - Pebble Bay to the west, and The Far Coast to the south. Inland, The Deep Forest borders four other zones - Red Ant Cove and Greenhorn Grove found at its northern borders, and Topple Hill and The Quiet Field at its eastern borders.


There are only two distinctive features that can be found within the territories of The Deep Forest. The first noticeable feature is the forest shrine, overlooked by the Spirit of the Forest. The spirit offers a health upgrade, which can make an adventurer 'stronger' by increasing their health by 100.

The other feature is less noticeable, as it is composed of small heaps of rock piled on top of each other. It is relatively found closest to Starry Point and the shorelines of The Far Coast and serves as a possible spawn-point where a Grateful Frog may be found at.


This immense forest features a variety of different birds such as Blackbird, Bluenal, Brownbird, Dust Raptor, Frester, Looter's Bird, Polewatcher, and the Rednal. All these birds can be found quite commonly within The Deep Forest in the treetops.


The Deep Forest also contains an abundant amount of Harvestables. The large number of harvestables include Angry Bushdweller, Bobber Mushroom, Boomba Mushroom, Flatty Mushroom, Fruitstack, Glow Mushroom, Gorbacabbage, Grugbug Mushroom, Honey Mushroom, Lool Flower, Lumoore Mushroom, Plumbo Flower, Portabato Mushroom, Purple Balloon Mushroom, Spurtle Mushroom, and finally the Yellow Balloon Mushroom. All these Harvestables can be found underneath the canopy of The Deep Forest.


The Deep Forest along with its immense number of Harvestables and birds also contains an abundance of enemies. The mobs that spawn inside The Deep Forest consist of Apple Bat, Black Bear, Blueman, Coral Giant, Croc Man, Dark Ghost, Dark Snibber, Deer, Dull Frog, Esteemed Gumbo, Forest Guardian, Forest Troll, Ghost, Green Ghost, Hammer Knight, Jester, Lava Munsk, Mushroom Head, Ogre, Otherworldly Dollhunter, Ratboy, Tall Bear, and the Toyblock Spitter.


The only current NPC in The Deep Forest is the Spirit Of The Forest. Adventurers can use the spirit to increase their health pool by 100 health points for 100,000 gold. Spirits can only be used once and adventurers can have a maximum of 600 health points after purchasing all the health upgrades.



  • The Deep Forest is one of the four map areas where a Spirit can be found at.
  • Prior to the Otherworld Update, Forest Guardians were the dominant species that thrives within the zone.
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