The Crown is a misc equipment that can be acquired from The Deli's waits, although it is extremely rare to obtain from both the Short and Long waits.

In appearance, it is a square-shaped crown made of solid gold, though it is not as large as some players might expect it to be. It features 3 gems on each side, possessing the colors of the Frontier; red, blue, and yellow.

The Crown is simply an item used for vanity. It may also be kept for the Giant Toad's Tasks in exchange for a reward if the task is currently active. Other than that, it does not provide any benefits whatsoever, other than to be worn for bragging rights.


  • Due to the fact that The Crown can be worn as a misc equipment, it can be worn along with various hats and helmets in the vanity/equipment slots.
  • It is one of the few non-consumable items that can be obtained from The Deli's waits.
  • The Crown was added to celebrate the concurrent player count during the initial release of the Ratboy's Nightmare Update.


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