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The Ballroom is a medium-sized area that can be accessed after entering an Ancient Key door on the sides of the central hall in The Grand Hall.

Upon further inspections, The Ballroom is a circular-shaped ballroom with a rotating, spinning floorboard at the center, however, it will not move the players in the direction it is going in. The room is occupied with several small groups of jumping brightly-colored stick figures that dot all over the dance floor. With limited lighting and an almost pitch-black room, the players are forced to take precautions as they attempt to move across the other side of The Ballroom to counteract the mysterious movement-impairing effect in the room.

Once the players reach the other side of the ballroom, they will arrive in a wide, small room inside The Theatre, referred to as the Upper View. Players can find Rat Tokens and other collectibles that they can collect on the chairs and floors of the room. Players can also interact with Mr. Ticket in the leftmost corner of the room, a quest-giver tasking the players to collect 100 Theatre Tickets in exchange for The Drake's Outfits.


The only bird that can be found here is the Bat.


Harvestables that can be found in the area include Bad Dust, Cursed Cards, and Plugstack.


Mobs that can be found in the area include Clown Buggy, Corrupted Gold Knight, Corrupted Onyx Knight, Flying Clown, Goon, Mansion Ant, Monstrosity, Nightmare Lantern, and The Chewed.

Precautions & Tips

Many nuisances can be found lurking in the shadows of the ballroom, such as the Flying Clowns, Corrupted Onyx Knights, and Clown Buggies, creatures usually known for its high-damage attacks.

The longer the player stays in the room, the slower the players will be, until they are unable to move at all. This will result in the player's death if they are unable to escape. It is typically advised for players to bring equipment such as the Funky Driftlander, Gnome Rocket Launcher, etc. to get to the other side as fast as possible before the movement-impairing effect kicks in. Players can also use the Salamander's special attack to propel them forward to the other side of the room in one go. Another effective method is to bring a vast quantity of Plum Juice as its speed-boosting effects can stack on top of each other, temporarily allowing the players to negate the movement-impairing effect of The Ballroom. Taking off speed equipment while the players are completely impaired from moving will allow the player to move freely at a slow pace as they move across the ballroom.


  • The Ballroom is one of the few places that impair players' movements, as well as preventing most players from exploring the room.