The Back Area is a medium-sized area housing a long hallway with multiple rooms seen on either side of the hallway. The Back Area is typically accessed after entering the doors in the backstage corners of The Theatre.

Inside The Back Area, the zone appears to be abandoned, leaving an untidy mess for players to navigate through. This is presumably the employees-only room of The Supermarket. If the players go down the stairways from either end of the hallway, they will enter the public storage rooms of The Supermarket.

There are specific landmarks worth noting in the zone:

  • Hidden Key Doors - The Hidden Key Doors can be found at either end of the hallway, seen to the left-side or right-side hallway after leaving the main hall of The Back Area. As its name implies, it can only be accessed with a Hidden Key. Once the players enter the Hidden Key Doors after unlocking it, they will be taken to the 'midpoint' of The Road, serving as a shortcut to progress towards the End of the Road.
  • Member Keycard's Rooms - The Member Keycard's Rooms refers to the two locked doors at one end of the main hallway. They can only be accessed with a Member's Keycard, preventing anyone without it from accessing it. Entering one of the two doors will lead the players to abandoned, dark rooms. They do not hold any significance, other than being a place where mobs, Rat Tokens, and other collectibles to appear in.
  • Racing Clown's Room - The Racing Clown's Room refers to the room at the very center that also needs the Member's Keycard, like the other two locked doors in the main hall. Entering the room will direct the players to a dark room where the Racing Clown can be found at. Players can interact with the NPC to challenge them to a race, taking them to a racing scenario that either takes place somewhere in The Supermarket or in The Back Area. Players can receive rewards if they had achieved victory over the clown.

Overall, The Back Area serves as a zone to direct players to The Supermarket or The Theatre, depending on the player's position in the Nightmare. Not much can be done in The Back Area, other than being primarily used as a way to access shortcuts to The Road or to challenge the Racing Clown to a race.


  • The Back Area is one of the few zones where most of its areas require something to access particular areas, other examples being The Theatre, The Ballroom, and The Grand Hall.
  • The Cyan Button can be found in The Back Area, in one of the rooms with several file cabinets.
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