This template is used to create a basic navigation box.
Type {{navbox|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
|header=Land of Bob
|body=This [[place]] and that [[place]].

Results in...

Fantastic Frontier
Abandoned FlowerAngry BushdwellerBobber MushroomBoomba MushroomBrain MushroomClamstackElephant MushroomFantastic MushroomFallichenFife FlowerFlatty MushroomFruitstackGlow MushroomGorbacabbageGrateful FrogGrugbug MushroomHoney MushroomHungry FlowerIcem MushroomLakethistleLemon FlowerLool FlowerLumoore MushroomMoon FlowerMoon MushroomMushtache MushroomNightmare MushroomPearl FlowerPlumbo FlowerPortabato MushroomPurple Balloon MushroomRising Star MushroomRozier FlowerSandy CoralShellSnowball MushroomSpurtle MushroomStrangeman's FlowerStrangeman's MushroomStrangeman's ShellSun FlowerTarget MushroomThe Object From EarthTraveler PlantYellow Balloon Mushroom
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