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Teakettle Tony, one of the many elite mobs that can be found in the Frontier, is introduced into the Frontier during the Otherworld Update.

Teakettle Tony can be found in the Otherworld Tower, a 50-floor dungeon where a maximum of 4 players can venture through and slay the enemies that lurk in the dungeon. This particular mob can be found on the 47th floor, Teakettle Tony Appears, where the player(s) will attempt to defeat one of the final elite bosses that prevents the players from reaching Mr.58.

In appearance, Teakettle Tony appears to be a golem-like humanoid figure that has the capabilities of leaping great distances, as well as shooting beams at the players. Teakettle Tony can also be seen on one of the thumbnails that were used during the release of the Otherworld Update.

Teakettle Tony can unleash the following attacks:

  • Shooting beams out of its arms directed at the players
  • Leaping onto the player's current location in the many platforms found in the floor
  • Swiping its limbs at the players

Most players would suggest that they should stand on the higher platforms of the floor in order to dodge some of Teakettle Tony's attacks. This is usually accessible through a Mushroom Parasol or any other jump-boosting equipment or flight equipment in order to get on the higher platforms.

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