Several Tall Anthony can be found inhabiting certain spots in The Old Cave, a small zone between the Maze of the Root and The Plant Room. It is nearly identical to the Tall Anthony, an armor piece that can be worn by the players, however, most of these NPCs' "antennae" are bent and distorted.

What makes these group of NPCs unique is that it will display a different set of dialogue if the players have the Tall Anthony equipped in their equipment or vanity slot.

List of Dialogues

Without Tall Anthony

  • "......."

With Tall Anthony

  • "I will be the tallest. Yes. I will." (1)
  • "I require nutrients." (2)
  • "I'm growing! Haha!" (3)
  • "Leave me to my dirt." (4)


  • Due to the NPCs' locations in The Nightmare, it is possible that the Tall Anthony is considered as a 'plant' to some races/worlds.
  • Both the Tall Anthony (NPCs) and the Wanderer in Topple Town possess silent dialogues but Tall Anthony changes dialogue with the item Tall Anthony.
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