The Tall Anthony is a standalone armor piece that can be obtained in the Frontier. It can be purchased from Stick at a price of 6,500,000 gold, although the item rarely appears in the shop. Other viable methods of acquiring the Tall Anthony include but are not limited to:

  • A possible rare drop from the Parasite.
  • A possible serving from The Deli's waits.
  • A possible reward from the Deep Sea Treasure Chest.

In appearance, the Tall Anthony appears to be some sorts of a bizarre maggot-like creature with an antenna that 'touches the skies'. It appears to have eyes and markings on the upper part of its body. The antenna itself possesses a green bulb-like object that acts as a beacon.

When equipped, the Tall Anthony will provide 100 damage points to any melee weapons, increasing the number of damage inflicted on opponents while using melee weapons. Players can also use this to read special dialogues of the group of NPCs (Tall Anthony) in The Old Cave. Players may also exchange it for another reward during Giant Toad's Tasks. Other than that, they may sell it at a selling price of 5,000,000 gold.


  • The Tall Anthony is nicknamed 'Tim' as the initials 'Tim' was used as the title of the decal.
  • The Tall Anthony is often compared to a telephone pole.
  • Before the Otherworld Update, it was speculated to be a weapon that players could use.
  • It can also be seen in the form of an NPC, in The Old Cave after going through the locked door of The Plant Room in The Nightmare.


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