If you scroll down a little you'll see the data that I collected a larger sample size. We got a sample size of 20 minimum for each (and then added to Power and Wealth mostly to get the funds needed to work on the other two) and found that on average asking for nothing SUCKS because the average payout per seed is around 125k. Power, comparatively, almost always nets a blue seed (worth 200k), which means except for the occasional greens (and the very few reds) the value of each seed averages out at about 195k. By taking the Power option you can get seeds at any price and still make almost twice as much money as you put into getting the seeds. If you were to consistently take the nothing route, you'd be making -5k to 35k per seed, as opposed to the 55k to 105k from Power. In other words, just stick with Power. I personally think the player that recorded the data used officially was extremely lucky to get as many reds as they did, and you probably shouldn't use their data as the end all given the small sample size (for clarification the data my friend and I compiled on the nothing route has 102 entries. The data I posted a while back is outdated.)

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