The Strangeman's Mask, one of the most sought-after items in-game, was a desirable item to have in previous versions of Fantastic Frontier. The Strangeman's Mask is usually acquired as a possible rare gift from the Interdimensional Traveler. Other viable methods of acquiring the Strangeman's Mask include the following:

As its name implies, it is the mask carved in the shape of the head of the Strangeman, an entity that can be interacted with selling various wares in the Strangeman's Domain. Other than that, not much can be said about its overall looks.

Once equipped, the Strangeman's Mask will provide 111 additional damage points to all damage-types, greatly increasing the amount of damage inflicted on opponents while using any weapons, making it one of the highest "all damage-type booster" standalone armor pieces in the Frontier as of the Ratboy's Nightmare Update.


  • Before the Otherworld Update, the only way to obtain the mask was through the Interdimensional Traveler. Because of its incredibly low drop chance, it was practically impossible to obtain it.
  • The Strangeman's Mask is a mask used to reference or represent the Strangeman, an entity seen in his domain by accessing a glowing, purple orb-like portal in various locations of the Frontier.
  • The number 111 for its damage type is probably a reference to the three harvestable found in the Frontier; Strangeman's Flower, Strangeman's Mushroom, and the Strangeman's Shell. 1 for the Flower, 1 for the Mushroom, and 1 for the Shell.


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