Strangeman's Domain is a massive spherical domain that is supposedly found in an unspecified dimension. As its name implies, it is the domain of the Strangeman, an NPC known for many items that players seek, such as skip tickets and armor sets far greater than the ones found in the Frontier.

The portal that players use to access the Strangeman's Domain

In order for players to access the Strangeman's Domain, the players must find a glowing purple marble hovering above wooden cracks in a specific spot of the Frontier. Players will need to venture throughout many locations of the Frontier to find the portal as it can only be found in one sport for a short time before the portal moves to a different spot once nighttime hits.

If the player wishes to "explore" the map area, they will find nothing but an empty abyss of light or darkness, depending on the current time cycle of the Frontier. The only thing they will find is Strangeman and only Strangeman. If the players want to exit the domain, the players should interact with the Strangeman and request to depart from the domain and return back to the Frontier.

Overall, the map area is essentially pointless to visit in terms of exploring, however, the presence of the Strangeman is practically the only reason that players go there.


  • Speculations claim that the domain is located in a certain region of the Otherworld Dimension. It is possible that the domain itself is located somewhere in the region where Mr.58 can be found at. It is also speculated that the Strangeman's Domain itself is the pink glowing marble (portal) that the player sees on the Frontier itself.
  • The Strangeman's Domain is supposedly used to create the items that the Strangeman sells to the player 'out of the blues' as the Strangeman was often referenced as a twisted inventor.
  • Despite being speculated to be found in an unspecified dimension, the Strangeman's Domain can be found in the Frontier's world, particularly far away from Frigid Waste (PvP) where it can be seen with other testing props and buildings.
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