The Strangeman's Domain is a vast, empty, spherical domain located in a different dimensional plane away from the Frontier. As its name implies, it is the domain of where the Strangeman resides in, a strange vendor selling various items that adventurers may seek from it, such as the Skip Tickets or the Frontier weapons.

If the adventurer wishes to "explore" the domain, they will find nothing but an empty abyss of light or darkness, depending on the time of day the Frontier is in. If the adventurer want to exit the domain, the adventurer can interact with the Strangeman and request a teleport out of its domain.


In order for an adventurer to access the Strangeman's Domain, they must come across a glowing, purple orb hovering over the cracks in the ground ripped open by the immense power of the orb. The Strangeman's Orb does not have one specific spot, but instead, is relocated to random spots in the Frontier. Its relocation occurs at night, so the orb will momentarily be available in one area of the Frontier before it shifts to another area in the Frontier.



  • It is worth noting that the music played in the Strangeman's Domain will still play regardless of whether or not the players have turned the music off in their Options menu.


  • While the lore of Fantastic Frontier considers it to be an otherworldly dimension outside of the Frontier's world, in-game, the Strangeman's Domain is located relatively close to the Frigid Waste, shrouded by the thick fogs that veils it.
  • It is likely possible that the Strangeman's Domain is actually the Strangeman's Orb players see in the Frontier. While it may appear small on the outside, it's possible that the players are shrunk into the marble.
  • Unfortunately Strangeman's music got Copyright striked and was removed so Spectrabox had to find a new song for the zone.
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