The Strangeman is a controversial and well-known entity that can be found in the Frontier, being introduced during the events of the Otherworld Update.

The Strangeman can be found in his domain, specifically known as the Strangeman's Domain. It is described as a massive spherical marble, supposedly coming from a fictional TV show series known as 'My Little Marble'.

The portal that players can use to enter Strangeman's Domain

Before its initial appearance in the Otherworld Update, the Strangeman was mentioned several times while reading descriptions of certain collectibles and items, such as the Strangeman's Mask, Strangeman's Flower, Strangeman's Mushroom, and the Strangeman's Shell respectively.

Players can purchase a variety of items that the Strangeman sells that include the following:

Brickland Large
Detour Cone Large
Frontier Greatsword Large
Frontier Spellbook Large
Frontier Stargun
Guild Knight Helmet Large
Guild Knight Platebody Large
Guild Knight Platelegs Large
Helm of the Skater Large
Platebody of a Forgotten Life Large
Platelegs of a Forgotten Life Large
Krunkston Four Large
Minion Large
New Voice Helmet Large
New Voice Platebody Large
New Voice Platelegs Large
Pettyganger's Parade Mask Large
Pettyganger's Parade Suit Top Large
Pettyganger's Parade Legwarmers Large
The Earth King Regalia Large
The Earth King Regalia Platebody Large
The Earth King Regalia Platelegs Large
Puzzlehead Large
Rotted King's Mask Large
Rotted King's Torso Large
Rotted King's Escort Large
The Mask of Forgotten Things Large
The Armor of Forgotten Things Large
The Platelegs of Forgotten Things Large
Tower Armor Platebody Large
Tower Armor Platelegs
Traveling Human Element Large
Void Lord Helmet Large
Void Lord Chestpiece Large
Void Lord Platelegs Large
Von Jerry's Hat Of Illusion Large
World Sculptor Helmet Large
World Sculptor Armor Large
World Sculptor Platelegs Large
Xenoculous Large
Yaaxil Flame Large

List of Locations

Strangeman's Portal can be found in various locations and therefore, the player must search throughout the lands of the Frontier in order to find the portal's position in the Frontier. The portal itself will continue to change its spots for each night that occurs in-game. Here is the list of known locations:

Location(s) Images & Details
Ancient Forest
RobloxScreenShot20180202 224021484
Located on the pathway in the stone crevice between both sides of Great Pine Forest.
Celestial Field
RobloxScreenShot20180203 134009075-0
On the pathways that leads into The Rolling Road.
Strangeman Marble Celestrial Field
Located along the pathways leading into The Town of Right and Wrong near the Quiet Adventurer, except in a different position.
RobloxScreenShot20180204 180730725
Located near the Quiet Adventurer
Farm Fortress
2018-02-15 3
Located next to Awoken Croc Carl's Inn
Located under a tree and behind the house of the Firm Farmer.
RobloxScreenShot20180215 162222072
In the wheat plantations.
RobloxScreenShot20180618 142024066
On the pathways leading into Fronand Frobeet'zo's building.
On the pathway outside of Farm Fortress, closest to the wooden dock in Pebble Bay.
Great Pine Forest
RobloxScreenShot20180204 130727664-0
Near a river located in Great Pine Forest/Rubble Spring.
Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 5.12.13 PM
Near the pathway leading into the lands of Petrified Grassland.
RobloxScreenShot20180208 162952107
Along the pathways where the Ancient Ogre Chieftain was reported to be found at.
Greenhorn Grove
RobloxScreenShot20180203 152353752-0
In Greenhorn Grove, somewhere. Supposedly close to Farm Fortress.
RobloxScreenShot20180213 174429065
Near the mining area reserve.
Near the intersection marked with a sign-post.
Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 8.54.11 PM
On the pathway between the mining reserve and the intersection.
Hoodlum Falls
RobloxScreenShot20180929 184850288
On the pathway leading to Arnold Slime's watermill.
Petrified Grassland
2018-02-02 (4)
On the pathway leading into The Rolling Road
Big door
On the pathway leading into The Pits Key Door
RobloxScreenShot20180204 131847260-0
On the intersection near the ribcage.
Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 5.42.43 PM
On the intersection near the ribcage; different position.
Rubble Spring
Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 3.21.59 PM
Near the rivers, surrounded by pine trees. Closest to the invisible borders of the Petrified Grassland.
The Rolling Road
RobloxScreenShot20180202 182231194
In the middle of the road.
RobloxScreenShot20180205 004859176-1
On the overlook's grounds.
The Town of Right and Wrong
2018-02-03 11Umbreex
Outside of the entrance.
RobloxScreenShot20180209 210623472
At an unaccessible home behind Jack Frontface.
RobloxScreenShot20180204 194300436
On the building's front porch near the Illusionary Inn.
Topple Hill
In the farmhouse's fields.
2018-02-05 10
On the pathway leading into Greenhorn Grove's hillsides.
RobloxScreenShot20180204 151700706-0
On the pathway closest to the cliffs of Topple Hill.
RobloxScreenShot20180206 221558078-1
In the farmhouse's fields; different position.
On the road leading into Topple Town.
Strangeman Ratboy
Behind the giant Ratboy's head
Topple Town
RobloxScreenShot20180204 143300644-0
Near Ollie Ozzwald's stand.
Twinkling Meadow
RobloxScreenShot20180203 113415809
Near the abandoned wheelbarrow.
Portal TWinkil
Under a tree near the Otherworld Statue.
Surrounded by rocks bordering along the road of Twinkling Meadow.

List of Dialogues


  • "-WHOOPS! Just joking! Kidding around! Wouldn't want to make YOU worry!"
  • "Sorry, I shouldn't have spoken so loudly, how are you? Let's chat for a bit, right?"
  1. Uh, I just want to shop.
  2. Where am I? You're not making any sense.
    • "I'm not making sense? TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND EXAMINE YOUR THOUGHTS. I know where I am, and I always make sense. Listen, I was a show, on NBC, called "My Little Marble". It starred some square who decide to invade the privacy of someone's marble."
    • "Oh sorry, I'm rambling again. This place, it's just my little slice of the pie you see. Just a little sphere, here. DO NOT ASK AGAIN."
  3. I want to leave!
  4. Nevermind.

"You're leaving? Going back the way you came I assume? I BELIEVE THAT TO BE IMPOSSIBLE."


  • When the Strangeman teleports a player out, his repeated saying of "NO WHAMMY" is a reference to the 80's game show Press Your Luck, in which unlucky timing could give the player a Whammy, causing them to lose all their money. This seems to represent the fact that a player leaving might not buy anything, which then indicates by the "NO WHAMMY" that they do not lose any gold over Strangeman's highly expensive items it always has for sale.
  • It is believed by some players that Strangeman is Mr. 58, however there is no evidence to back this up besides the tree above Strangeman and below Mr. 58.
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