The Strange Creature Ring is a ring equipment that can be obtained in the Frontier. It is acquired via purchasing it from Amy Thistlewitch located in Blackrock Mountain at a price of 880,000 gold. There are other viable methods of acquiring a Strange Creature Ring, such as:

Strange Creature Ring is described to be a gold and bronze ring possessing a strange totem, as implied by its description. In the center, the totem appears to share similar facial features of a Whisperer.

When equipped, the Strange Creature Ring will enable the players to have glowing purple eyes if the face isn't obscured by something. It is mainly used by magic-based users who prefer to have a decent amount of additional damage to their magic weapons. Although the Scorched Soul's Ring provides more magic damage, the Strange Creature Ring serves as a substitute if the player does not want to risk losing their health over time.


  • Its price and selling price have the number '8'. This is a possible reference to Chinese and other Asian cultures that see the number 8 as a lucky number and is also depicted to represent prosperity, success, and wealth, hence why the ring is made out gold and bronze, both being materials used in everyday life and is often valued by industries.


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