Starry Point is a small coastal-based area that can be found in the Frontier. The lands are described to resemble that of a promontory, a raised mass of land that projects into a lowland or a body of water.

Starry Point's coastlines are technically categorized under the territories of Starry Point, allowing its coastlines to be considered as its own fishing spot. Its coastlines connect with the coastlines of The Far Coast and Pebble Bay. Further inland, it borders The Deep Forest, making Starry Point one of the few map areas that border one land-based map areas, others being Frigid Waste (PvP).

There is only one landmark that is considered important, dubbed as the 'Starry Point's Overlook'. The overlook acts as a way to distance the players from the Ancient Cobalt Knight, enabling them to use this particular geographical feature to their advantage to avoid the attacks of the mob.

Overall, Starry Point lacks any significant features that players seek after, making it one of the least popular zones. This is mainly due to its isolation, as well as any noteworthy things that could be found here, other than the possibility of a Rising Star Mushroom, an Otherworld Present, or the Interdimensional Traveler.


  • Starry Point is notably known for being the main place where the Ancient Cobalt Knight spawns at.
  • Due to the location being isolated from the rest of the Frontier and in an area where a lack of players venture to, the Starry Point is often forgotten by most players.
  • The zone is notably known for providing mining lodes that miners can mine from.
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