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Starry Point is a small coastal-based zone located at the south-westernmost region of the Frontier. Its geography is similar to that of a promontory, a raised mass of land that projects into a body of water. Starry Point is surrounded by two bodies of water. To its east is The Far Coast and to its west is Pebble Bay. Inland, Starry Point is partially enveloped by The Deep Forest, technically as part of its vast territories.

No notable landmarks are found in Starry Point, besides the large rock overlook lined up against one another that are often littered with various ores found in other parts of the Frontier.


The only two birds that can be found in Starry Point are Beachbird and Gull.


Harvestables that can be found in the area include Clamstack, Rising Star Mushroom, Sandy Coral, and Shell.


Fish that can be caught in the area include Bonefish, Common Gupper, Emperor Whale, Garbagefish, Garnoth Fish, Glow Friend, Golden Ticketfish, Red Clapper, Oddity and Shockjaw.


Mobs that can be found in the area include Ancient Cobalt Knight, Fantastic Dragon, Forest Guardian, Forest Troll, Magma Knight, Pygmy Dragon, Shellmouth, and the Walker.


The only NPC that can be found in the area is the Interdimensional Traveler.


  • It is possible to find a Rising Star Mushroom at Starry Point, typically seen on the rock that overlooks the bays of both Pebble Bay and The Far Coast.
  • The Interdimensional Traveler may appear in the zone occasionally.
  • Starry Point's fishing area is divided in two halfs: North half has the same fishes as Pebble Bay and South half has the same fishes as The Far Coast .