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  • Alias: Sprunk Mage, Mage Figurine, Lesser Mage

According to Spectrabox himself, The Sprunk Mage is a unique title given to the mage who has shrunk himself down using magic that appears in the Otherworld Tower.

It can be found on the 41st floor of the Otherworld Tower, Soup, where the players will have to defeat many different kinds of monsters on a small platform.


There are three attacks that the Sprunk Mage can perform:

  • Flame - Releases blue flame from itself in a similar manner to the Croc Man's acid spit attack.
  • Slash - Swings its weapon into the player with extra force.
  • Swing - Jabs or swings its weapon at the player.


One of the best strategies is by using flight equipment, such as the Mushroom Parasol or Wings, and fly away from the Sprunk Mage, which will lure the mob off the platform.


  • It was introduced in the Otherworld Update.
  • It's supposedly a reskin of the Magma Knight.
  • According to the developers, they are aware that the word, sprunk, doesn't exist. However, they stated that it was more of a unique title, exclusive to Fantastic Frontier.