The Spooky Grin is a misc equipment that can be obtained in the Frontier. It can be purchased from Arbewhy in The Town of Right and Wrong at a price of 250,000 gold, or from Linkman the Junkman at a cheaper price of 220,000 gold.

In appearance, the Spooky Grin is simply an attachment that can be worn by the players in place of the player's non-existent mouth. The grin's lips are black, while its teeth remain white, for the most part. A pair of two teeth can be seen sticking out at the lower lips.

When equipped, the Spooky Grin will provide 10 damage points to all damage-types to any weapons, slightly increasing the number of damage inflicted on opponents while using any weapons of the players' choices.


  • The Spooky Grin is often used in many vanity outfits after the introduction of the Otherworld Update introduced the vanity slots system.


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