Upgraded Health Pool

The original upgraded health pool before the Otherworld Update.

A Spirit is one of the many classifications of an NPC that can be found in the Frontier. These spirits are notably known to increase the player's health pool permanently by a total of 100 health points at the expense of gold which varies, depending on which Spirit the players are interacting with. These health pool's upgrades can only be done once and if players attempt to interact with a Spirit they had already interacted before, they will not gain any other additional health points.

These are the list of spirits that can be found in the Frontier. As of now, there are currently four spirits scattered throughout the Frontier. Here is the list of spirits:

Name Ability Price Image Location

Spirit of the Forest

Increases max health by 100 100,000g
Spirit of the Forest Card Image
The Deep Forest

Spirit of the Mountain

Increases max health by 100 500,000g
Spirit of the Mountain Card Image
Blackrock Mountain

Spirit of the Ocean

Increases max health by 100 1,000,000g
Spirit of the Ocean Card Image
The Far Coast

Spirit of Commerce

Increases max health by 100 2,500,000g
Spirit of Commerce Card Image
The Town of Right and Wrong
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