Spider Stilts



The Spider Stilts is a standalone armor piece that can be acquired in the Frontier. The item can only fit into the Feet slot while equipping it. The only viable way of acquiring the Spider Stilts is by killing the Corrupted Wizard, a mini-boss that can be found in The Spider's Nest at Blackrock Mountain.

In appearance, the stilts are designed to increase the mobility of the player while also attempting to mimic the appearance of spider legs, particularly the Corrupted Wizard. The item appears to be crafted out of reinforced metal and wood, although it is possible that the spider legs are actual spider legs that were torn off from the mini-boss itself.

When equipped, the Spider Stilts will provide 4 armor points, slightly reducing the amount of damage taken from NPCs and increasing the player's protection. It also provides 40 Jump Power points, as well as 7 Walkspeed points, increasing the player's walkspeed as well as enabling the players to jump higher than an average player. It will also increase the player's height by 2 studs.

Players may also collect 3x Spider Stilts to exchange for Tag Red Lazer through Giant Toad's Tasks.


  • Players tend to use Spider Stilts and Mushroom Parasol as primary equipment that players will often use while venturing throughout the Frontier.
  • Many players do not use the Spider Stilts openly because the item itself can cause visual blocking with the adjusted of increased height to the player. This can be solved via with Vanity slots. However using the Spider Stilts openly allows for a slightly higher jump height because of the increased height.
    • It provides +2 Height, and is one of two items providing height, the other being Guardian Lower Legs.
  • In the past, transforming into a Ratboy via Ratboy Morph Ring while equipping Spider Stilts would result in the transformed player appearing as a levitating Ratboy.
  • As of the 1.10 (Fishing) Update, it is one of the most sought-after items by beginner and mid-game players due to its reliability.
  • The Spider Stilts have a 5% chance of dropping from the Corrupted Wizard.


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