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Soundtracks refer to background music played while Fantastic Frontier is running. Most soundtracks are often automatically played regardless of the ambience/noise created by the players and environment. Music can be disabled in the Options menu (by pressing O) and its volume can be adjusted to a player's liking.

All soundtracks used in Fantastic Frontier comes from various games and medias outside of the Roblox platform and are not originally composed for Fantastic Frontier. Notable examples of where some soundtracks originate from are the Graffiti Kingdom, Rayman series, and Kevin MacLeod.

Each soundtrack will have small acronyms hovering at the end of the music's title, indicating the time it was added to the game, Fantastic Frontier. For example, XXXRN indicates it was added during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update and XXXFISH indicates it was added during the 1.10 (Fishing) Update. List of acronyms will be provided below, in case you do not have prior knowledge in regard to past updates.

  • FF = Release of Fantastic Frontier
  • OW = Otherworld Update
  • FISH = 1.10 (Fishing) Update
  • RN = Ratboy's Nightmare Update
  • NB = Nightmare Boss Update
  • SPRING = Spring Update

[Note]: A playlist organized and created by Aquadrious is provided on YouTube, which can be accessed by clicking here.

List of Soundtracks

Known Music Tracks

Below is a list of all known soundtracks identified by the community of Fantastic Frontier. All soundtracks listed here are heard at some point in the game.

Miscellaneous Tracks

A list that compiles music played or triggered when activating an object or interacting with a feature of Fantastic Frontier, plays in a unique zone that doesn't follow the day-night pattern, or is used in cutscenes and/or loading screens.

Unidentified Music Tracks

Below is a list of unidentified soundtracks unknown to the community of Fantastic Frontier. Like the known music tracks, it is also heard at some point in the game, but its origins remains unclear to the public. It is greatly appreciated if you are able to identify any of the listed music tracks below (composer, where it plays in, etc.)

List of Soundtrack Groups

Daytime Music Tracks

Music played in the background during the daytime in Fantastic Frontier.

Nighttime Music Tracks

Music played in the background at night in Fantastic Frontier.

'The Nightmare' Tracks

Music played in The Nightmare and is heard regardless of whether it is daytime or nighttime in the Frontier.

Boss/Encounters Tracks

Music played or triggered when encountering a boss monster, or fighting against certain monsters in dungeons.

Remixed Tracks

Music that is heavily altered from a pre-existing soundtrack or remixes of existing soundtracks.

Removed Tracks

Music that was once played in Fantastic Frontier at some point in its history, but was removed during Roblox's implementation of copyrighted music policies and/or replaced by other soundtracks.