The Slayer is one of the many inhabitants that can be found in the sanctuary, Topple Town. The NPC is noted to be the task-giver that players can participate in as they venture throughout the Frontier. The Slayer is a frog humanoid-like figure that resembles similar to that of a Grateful Frog. It wears an armor set fitting of a battle veteran.


The Slayer provides two type of tasks; collecting tasks and hunting tasks. Collecting tasks are tasks that involve the targeted time being a harvestable or a fish while hunting tasks are tasks that involve the targeted item being a monster drop or a feather. There are four difficulties for the tasks that the Slayer hands out:

  • Easy
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Expert

Each tiered task will give different rewards and different tasks. All tasks are randomized. For more information about Slayer's task cards, please read the article: Slayer's Tasks.

List of Dialogues


  • "Hello adventurer! What do you need?"


  1. "I need a new Task!"
    • "Ah certainly! I can do that!"
    • "If you have an active Task, it will be replaced. Is this alright?"
      • "Yes, I want a new Task!"
        • "Alright then, a new Task it is! What sort of Task would you like?" (This dialogue will appear if the 'task cooldown' has reset or a task was previously completed)
          • "Hunting task."
            • "Very well! Here's your new Task-"
            • "Bring me the items on the card for your reward!"
            • [Click to close Task]
          • "Collecting task."
            • "Very well! Here's your new Task:"
            • "Bring me the items on the card for your reward!"
            • [Click to close Task]
        • "Sorry! But I've just given you a task recently, you will have to come back later to get a new one!" (This dialogue will appear if the 'task cooldown' hasn't reset and/or a task is incomplete)
      • "Nevermind."
  2. "I need to Turn In/Check my task."
    • "Ok! Let's see..."
      • "Here is the Task you have currently-" (This dialogue will appear if you haven't completed the task yet)
        • "You have completed (#) in total."
        • [Click to close Task]
      • "Fantastic! You've completed your Task! Here is your reward-" (This dialogue will appear if you have completed the task)
  3. "How do Tasks work?"
    • "Come talk to me and I can give you a Task. Simply bring me the items on the card and you will get the reward!"
    • "Some Tasks reward gold, while others reward items! You can see the reward you will get on the card."
    • "As you complete more Tasks you will get chances to take on more challenging and rewarding Tasks!"
  4. "Goodbye."


  • It was introduced during the 1.10 (Fishing) Update.
  • The NPC was featured in two game thumbnails during the 1.10 (FIshing) Update.
  • Slayer's armor resembles that of the Hedge Knight Armor Set, being recolored and resized to fit Slayer.
  • The rewards that the Slayer gives to the player upon completing a task are often higher than the ones than the selling prices of the original items. For example, 1 Rising Star Mushroom is sold at a selling price of 1,000,000 gold and upon completing the task that wants the item, the players can acquire 5,000,000 gold that they wouldn't normally get from the initial item.
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