The Floor 20/40 Skip Tickets, simply known as the Skip Tickets, are purchasable items that can be obtained in the Frontier. They are occasionally sold from the Strangeman and Linkman the Junkman, traveling shopkeepers that appear in numerous places in the Frontier. Floor 20 Skip Tickets are sold at a price of 50,000 gold while Floor 40 Skip Tickets are sold at a price of 150,000 gold. Other viable methods of acquiring the Skip Tickets include the following:

  • A possible reward from the Firefly Quest.
    • Only Floor 40 Skip Ticket can be obtained from the quest currently.
  • A possible reward from the Grand Treasure Chest.
  • A possible reward from the Treasure Chest.
  • A possible gift from the Otherworld Present.
  • A possible reward from one of Giant Toad's Tasks.
    • Only Floor 40 Skip Ticket can be obtained from the task currently.
  • A possible reward from the Otherworld Tower dungeon.


In appearance, the Skip Ticket resembles similar to that of ID cards. A neon white cube can be found on the upper-right of the ticket, with a black square positioned to the left and right of it. Unencrypted texts of lines can be seen below the white cube. The left side of the Skip Tickets shares similar patterns with its right side, however, one large tilted square can be seen on the upper-left corner of the tickets, as well as 3 medium-sized texts of lines sitting below it.

Upon joining a session in the Otherworld Tower dungeon, the Skip Tickets (Floor 20/Floor 40) will be used and disappear automatically from the players' inventories after the players have entered the portal. This will either take the players immediately to Floor 21 or Floor 41 in the Otherworld Tower depending on which Skip Ticket had been used by the players.


  • If the players bring in two different Skip Tickets into a dungeon session, only one ticket will be activated. In other words, if a Floor 40 Skip Ticket is present in the players' inventories, it will be activated and used first. Its position in the players' inventories does not change this feature.
  • The Skip Tickets will not activate until the players began the Otherworld Tower dungeon session by entering the portal in the first Safe Zone.
  • The player who had activated the portal in the lobby of the Otherworld Tower will have their ticket spent if it is within their inventory. If the player does not have a Floor 20/40 Skip Ticket, then the tower will check the inventories of other players participating in a group session.
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