The Shrimp is one of the many fishes that can be acquired in the Frontier. It is a crustacean that can be found and acquired from the following bodies of waters:

Other viable methods of acquiring the Shrimp include the following:

  • A possible serving served from The Deli's waits.


As its name implies, it shares identical characteristics of a shrimp, more specifically a Whiteleg Shrimp. Other than that, not much can be said about its overall looks.

The Shrimp cannot be used in any shapes or forms, however, it can be consumed by the players in order to restore 15 HP back to their health pools. Other than that, it can be sold to a selling vendor at a selling price of 400 gold.


  • It is based on the Whiteleg Shrimp.
  • The Shrimp can be seen above the furnace in Red Ogre Inn's kitchen at Topple Town.
  • Shrimps can be seen in the display shelves of The Deli's kitchens.
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