The Scorched Soul's Ring is a ring equipment that can be obtained in the Frontier. It can be obtained via purchasing it at a price of 1,000,000 gold from Amy Thistlewitch, located at Blackrock Mountain.

The Scorched Soul's Ring is described to be an ancient ring with a glass-protected magmatic center which is encased with four different horn-shaped ends that surrounds and secures it. It is assumed that it had originated from the Magma Depths, or it could have been crafted from a scorching land far away from the Frontier.

This ring equipment is recommended to those who like to dish out lots of damage as it provides 50 Melee Damage, as well as 50 Magic Damage, increasing the amount of damage inflicted when using either melee or magic weapons. Though despite being pricey, it takes away 3.2 points from Health Regeneration and often slowly takes away the player's health every 5 seconds. This ring equipment is best paired up with another piece of equipment or armor set that can balance or cancel it out such as the Vital Pendant or the Darktoad Spellbook.

In addition to its effects, the Scorched Soul's Ring also lights the player's eyes on fire.


  • The Scorched Soul's Ring can kill the player with its negative regeneration effect.
  • It's possible to beat the last 10 floors with the Scorched Soul's Ring with no other regeneration, healing items, and no lives lost.
  • The Scorched Soul's Ring's flaming eye effect is present when wearing it in the vanity slot.
  • A video on this can be found here.


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