In the Frontier, there is three known type of zones which are the "PVP Zones", "Safe Zones", and the "Monster Zones". While the Monster Zones are more predominant where quests and similar events take place and PVP Zones are specifically made for players to allow combat between other players, the Safe Zones are usually indicated by a mysterious rock formation.

The effects these mysterious rock formations has on Fantastic Frontier is unclear. These are the many speculations that these mysterious rock formations has on the game:

  • Used as a repel for certain monsters from entering a certain spot.
  • Used as decorations and are nothing more than a pile of rocks.
  • Used as a label to identify and easily locate a specific structure or place.

Below this sentence will list the following structures or places that are seen with a mysterious rock formation near or in it.

  • Topple Lake's waterfall
  • Ancient Forest's abandoned tent
  • Behind Vigilant Seer's church in Topple Town
  • Outside of the Illusionary Inn at The Town of Right and Wrong
  • Next to the Clothing Boutique at Topple Town
  • Outside of 700k purchasable home in Topple Town
  • Next to the Gnome Wizard Master at Gnome Magic School
  • Next to Nevesytnewt'csium Llacitah'wstaht's tent
  • Near Amy Thistlewitch's store at Blackrock Mountain
  • Next to the green tent at Blackrock Mountain
  • Across from the Firm Farmer at Farm Fortress
  • Under the covers at Blue Ogre Camp
  • Behind The Quiet Field's purchasable tower
  • Found all over the Otherworld Tower's entrance
  • Located in the Otherworld Tower's dungeon entrance room
  • Located in the Safe Area of the Otherworld Tower dungeon
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