The Sad Rabbit is an Easter-exclusive NPC introduced in the Spring Update, in preparation for Roblox Egg Hunt 2019. The Sad Rabbit sends out both new and veteran players out to Greenhorn Grove in search for the Egg Snatcher that stole his eggs.

In appearance, the Sad Rabbit appears to be a large, cartoonish white rabbit-like humanoid with a green apron on, supported by green suspenders. A small, white beard can be seen underneath his mouth, as well as several ornamentations on his apron (a pocket and a few buttons).

List of Dialogues


  • "Oh, what a horrible thing! I've come to spread the joy of spring - and a thief has snatched it away!"
  • "A bundle of Easter eggs - I brought so many! Now I have hardly any!"
  • "I know where he went - he ran down the path into the woods! If you could get those eggs back it would do us all good!"
  • "I can make it worth your time, so what do you say? Will you find the Egg Snatcher and save the day?"

Before Turn-In

  • "Oh I do hope you find him - and it may be on a whim, but I'd bet he's in Greenhorn Grove!"
  • "He couldn't have gone far with that bundle of eggs - he could barely carry them with his tiny little legs!"
  • "He took all the eggs - it just isn't right! If it comes down to it, there may just be a fight!"

After Turn-In

  • "Hmm?"
  • "Oh happy day! Happy day!"
  • "The eggs! You've brought them all back - and they're nearly all intact!"
  • "The celebration can still go on! Hooray! An adventurer has saved the day!"
  • "I'm so grateful - I have a special egg for you! Here's a gift, for all the good you do!"
    • [Rewards the players with Questing Eggventurer Egg and Bunny Ears)


  • The Sad Rabbit serves as the main quest giver for any players participating in the Egg Hunt of 2019 in search for the Questing Eggventurer Egg.
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