As implied by his title, the Runaway Farmer is a farmer that had run away from their hometown. The Runaway Farmer can be seen in The Grand Hall, on one of the many stairways seen throughout the grand halls.

In appearance, the Runaway Farmer looks similar to the Farmer Guard, except he's wearing a headband that replaces his hat.

List of Dialogues

  • "So you're an adventurer? Oh- I'm just a bit of an explorer."
  • "Say, since you're really interested in this world- let me ask- have you passed through a Deli? A restaurant of sorts?"
    1. "I've been there."
      • "You have? Oh wonderful! When I was there...I discovered a secret room. Back behind the kitchens, there's a storage room-"
      • "Inside, I found a bookshelf that slid open when I tried opening it like a door. Weird, right?"
      • "Well, it gets more interesting. There was a whole hidden room behind the bookshelf! On top of that, the room had a secret button, right next to the bed. I pressed it, but I'm not sure what it did."
      • "Anyway, I thought you might want to explore that room, since you were an adventurer and such."
        1. "Thanks for the info."
          • "You're welcome, be safe in this world! I'll personally be hanging out around here. Cool, right?"
        2. "What a waste of my time, you've failed to tell me anything I didn't already know!"
          • "Oh, I'm quite sorry about th-"
            1. "Enough! I'm leaving! Maybe next time we chat, and you say the SAME exact thing, I'll be nicer to you!"
              • "What-?"
    2. "Uh- no, bud."
      • "Oh you haven't? How odd. This place seems to get more interesting by the minute..."
  • "Ha, you're a long way from Topple Town. Just like me I guess."
  • "I never liked town life... This world is another story entirely, but I've come to enjoy my life here, as long as I avoid those monsters."
  • "Hello stranger, what a strange place this is."


  • The Runaway Farmer's hometown is Topple Town, just like the players.
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