Rubble Spring is a vast flatland composed of a freshwater spring and streams that flows towards The Far Coast. It is partially encompassed by the southernmost region of Great Pine Forest. To its south, Rubble Spring borders two different zones, those being The Quiet Field and Hoodlum Falls. To its east, it borders Petrified Grassland. To its north and west, it borders Topple Hill.


There are two manmade landmarks worth noting. The first manmade landmark is the cottage that Martin the Carp resides in. He is mostly known for selling fishing rods. The other manmade landmark is the bottomless hole that adventurers could jump into, taking them to a tall pillar of rock and dirt where Collectus stands at.

There are two notable geographic features of Rubble Spring. Hence its name, Rubble Spring is the first notable geographic feature of the zone - composing of a medium-sized body of water where fishermen can reel in various freshwater fishes that thrives in the waters of Rubble Spring. The other feature worth noting in the zone is the cascade (waterfall) of Topple Lake that flows into the spring's territories.


Common birds includes:

Common flora and fungi includes:

Fish native to the waters of Rubble Spring include the following:

Mobs indigenous to the region are:



  • It is worth noting that a player have a greater likelihood of reeling a Centennial Catfish from the spring.


  • One of the first sightings of the Green Ghost was in Rubble Spring.
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