Rubble Spring is a massive area that can be found in the Frontier. It is described as a spring where its waters flow from an aquifer to the surfaces of the zone itself, as well as surrounding areas. It borders several areas, including but not limited to:

Most of the waters that Rubble Spring possesses originates from the body of water known as Topple Lake, where a waterfall falls down into the area, creating the rivers and streams that the community can see in the Frontier. Other waters of Rubble Spring comes from the groundwater that managed to arrive towards the surfaces of the particular zone.

There are four notable landmarks that can be found in the Frontier:

  1. Collectus' Hole, previously referred as the Death Portal, is a portal service that enables the players to quickly be teleported to the pillar that Collectus stands on in Greenhorn Grove. It is located further inland, near Greenhorn Grove. This area is marked with a skull sign, hence why it is dubbed as the Death Portal.
  2. Fishing Spring is the main body of water that fishermen reel in fishes, which is located next to Martin the Carp's cottage. It is one of the more popular fishing spots that players can head to fish fishes.
  3. Martin the Carp's Cottage is the cottage owned by Martin the Carp, a vendor that sells better fishing rods. This can be found near the Fishing Spring, off the hills of Topple Hill.
  4. Waterfall is a small waterfall that originates from the waters of Topple Lake. It does not serve any apparent purpose other than being a place where water flows down to other areas of the Frontier.

Overall, Rubble Spring is a popular hub for fishermen, harvesters, and monster hunters alike to participate in a variety of activities that can be done in Rubble Spring.


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