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  • Alias: Rockrunner, Menace Bear, Malignant Bear, Minatory Bear, Rockbear

The Rockrunner are described as bears that are seemingly made out of rocks and stones. It possesses a subtle blue glow for both its eyes and nose, as well as having a pair of horns on its head. It also seems to be wearing two pairs of red shoes.

It makes its appearance on the 21st floor of the Otherworld Tower, Rough Road Ahead Rodeo, where the players will face against a pack of Rockrunners charging towards them.


There are two attacks that the Rockrunner can perform:

  • Buck - Buck the player with its leg.
  • Charge - Charges towards the player's current position in an attempt to ram into them.


While luring the Rockrunners off the platform is an option, it can often lead to issues as killing many mobs at the same time using this method can cause glitches to occur preventing the player from progressing.

When facing Rockrunners in combat, using mobility-boosting equipment or a weapon with no movement penalties, such as Greater Storms or a Salamander, is the fastest way to deal with them as the player can circle them and deal damage to all of them at once with minimal risk of getting damaged themselves. With enough damage, this strategy can finish the floor faster than luring the Rockrunners off the platform.


  • According to the developers, it is known as the Menace Bear, however, a poll had shown that Rockrunner was favored over the name 'Menace Bear' due to it being two nouns.
  • It is one of the many infamous mobs in Fantastic Frontier as it sometimes glitches out to the point where players are unable to progress through the dungeon because one or more Rockrunners were not killed properly as it falls off the platform.
  • It acts similar to the Brown Bears and the Black Bears.