Robert Keeper is one of the many inhabitants of Topple Town, located at the stables of Topple Town besides the entrance gate.

He is a human with brown, swept-up hair. He wears brown suspenders that holds his red-and-white striped shirt together, a blue undershirt, murky-green pants supported by a brown waist belt that wraps around his waist, and a pair of black sandals.


  • "I wouldn't use food to heal myself to full health if I was really low. A bed at the Red Ogre Inn is cheap and heals you right up." (Variant 1)
  • "I don't do much fighting, but I hear you can dodge a lot of monsters' attacks if you're quick enough." (Variant 2)
  • "If you're looking for a place to heal, try the Red Ogre Inn." (Variant 3)


  • Since the release of the Spring Update, Robert Keeper received two additional dialogues (Variant 1 & 2).
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