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The Rising Star Mushroom is a harvestable that can be found in the Frontier. It can be found from various sources and locations throughout the Frontier including but not limited to:


In appearance, the Rising Star Mushroom is a golden mushroom with a cap that possesses a small plate with a circular curve with a gem on the top of the ring. Players can exchange 1 Rising Star Mushroom for 2,500,000 gold during the Slayer's Tasks. If the player has no purpose for the Rising Star Mushroom, it can be sold for 1,000,000 gold.


This list will compile a list of known locations of where a Rising Star Mushroom might be located at. Rising star mushrooms have a 4% chance to spawn every 25 minutes. These locations are confirmed by the community and are widely used by others in need of finding the Rising Star Mushroom for their Itempedias. The following locations where a Rising Star Mushroom may be found at are listed below:


  • One of the Guards in Topple Town alludes to one of Rising Star Mushroom's location on "Topple Tower."
  • This harvestable can be seen in another Roblox game, Juke's Towers of Hell, where it was featured in a holiday event.