One of the rarest of all known harvestables, the Rising Star Mushroom is the one of the most sought-after collectibles adventurers look out for. They have been noted to be found in various locations throughout the Frontier, some being relatively difficult to get to as many of its locations are located at high altitudes. It is also possible for the Rising Star Mushroom to be found at lower altitudes of the Frontier as well. For more information about its whereabouts, please click here.

Despite being a very rare sighting in the Frontier, it is also possible to acquire the Rising Star Mushroom through other methods. They may be dropped upon the deaths of a Fantastic Dragon or a Pygmy Dragon at a 0.1% drop rate, or they may be obtained as a possible reward from the Frog Quest and Otherworld Presents.


The Rising Star Mushroom is a golden mushroom with a profound, distinctive feature. Its cap possesses a small plate that provides foundation for its extensions. The cap forms a circular curve to imitate the appearance of a base of a gold ring. This is composed of two unidentified parts. The top part imitates the gem socket of a ring, and provides luminescence around the mushroom's surroundings while the central part is assumed to be a tightly-packed cube of mycelium - possibly based on a large chunk of silver.


Besides being sold at a value of 1,000,000 gold, an adventurer can turn in the Rising Star Mushroom to Slayer at Topple Town in exchange for 2,500,000 gold (Slayer's Tasks). This can only be exchanged if the adventurer have the task card active and unlocked the Expert tier beforehand.


This list will compile a list of known locations of where a Rising Star Mushroom might be located at. These locations are confirmed by the community and are widely used by others in need of finding the Rising Star Mushroom for their Itempedias. The following locations where a Rising Star Mushroom may be found at are listed below:

  • Topple Tower in Topple Town.


  • After a certain (unknown) amount of time has passed, it will despawn if no one was able to find it in time. To counteract the behavior of this collectible, most people spend a lot of time server-hopping and revisiting various locations of where it may be found at, as seen in the map provided above.
  • The Rising Star Mushroom is commonly found client-sided, rarely being visible to players who joined the server after appearance of the harvestable. But still can be found not client-sided unlike Gorbacabbage.


  • One of the Guards in Topple Town alludes to one of Rising Star Mushroom's location (Topple Tower).
  • Since the Otherworld Update, it was made possible to acquire the collectible from drops or as a gift from the Otherworld Presents. Prior to the Otherworld Update, the only other alternative method of acquiring the collectible was through the Frog Quest.
  • The most viable and widely used method to obtain this harvestable is to complete Frog Quests.


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