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|[[File:Pipe Rifle.png|thumb|120x120px]]
|[[File:Pipe Rifle.png|thumb|120x120px]]
|Pipe Rifle
|[[Pipe Rifle]]

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Ranged weapons are weapons that can deal damage on their enemies from a distance. These ranged weapons can be guns, crossbows, rifles, and etc. Ranged weapons can be purchased from vendors, or they may come from rewards.

Images Name Price Damage Bonus Vendor Description
Pellet 10 Hunter Jack "A standard ammunition for pellet guns."
Bullet 300 Gunner Gary "A standard ammunition for guns."
Crossbow Bolts
Crossbow Bolt 35 30 Hunter Jack "A standard bolt used in crossbows."
Royal Crossbow Bolt 150 ? ? ?
Spiked Crossbow Bolt
Spiked Crossbow Bolt 90 60 Arbewhy, Looney Lenny the Hedgeknight "A royal issue two prong bolt used in crossbows."
Pellet Gun
Pellet Gun 5,000 AMMO DAMAGE 0.2x Ranged Damage Bonuses Hunter Jack "A basic pellet gun used to hunt small game and birds."
Crossbow 10,000 AMMO DAMAGE Hunter Jack "A moderately powerful crossbow capable of medium range combat."
Pipe Rifle
Pipe Rifle 450,000 140 Gunner

Gary / Slime (Quest)

"A single shot rifle made from iron pipes and scrap metal."
Hunter Rifle
Hunting Rifle 700,000 200 Gunner Gary "A standard single shot hunting rifle."
Marksman Rifle
Marksman's Rifle 1,800,000 300 Gunner Gary "An advanced single shot combat rifle."
Gilded Rifle
Gilded Rifle 5,000,000 430 Gunner Gary "A golden top tier single shot combat rifle."
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