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Ranged weapons are one of the three main damage types that can inflict damage upon their opponents in all ranges of combat. These ranged weapons can range from guns, crossbows, and even some weapons that receive/provide ranged damage bonuses. These ranged weapons can be purchased from vendors found in the Frontier, but can also be obtained by killing specific creatures, as well as other sources that gift the players.

Well-known vendors that sell ranged weapons or some form of ammunition are known as Hunter Jack, Gunner Gary, Looney Lenny the Hedgeknight, Otherworldly Weaponsmith, Vhitmire, Arbewhy and Strangeman. All of these vendors can sell beginner and/or advanced weapons that players can use to cleanse the Frontier from mobs.

While using guns or rifle-based weapons, the players can right-click in order to zoom in to make better precisions as the player aims their weapons at a particular target. Mainly useful when hunting down birds or smaller creatures.

A short summary on how the table is presented, it will first present the image or the preview of the specific rifle/ranged weapon, as well as its name, its cost(s), damage values, any bonuses and/or special abilities provided with it, its source, and its description.


  • Why are Dragon King's Lance and Funky Driftlander listed in the article, even though they behave like melee weapons?
    • They receive ranged damage bonuses.
  • But then why is the Gnome Rocket Launcher listed in this article if it does not receive ranged damage bonuses?
    • It behaves like a ranged weapon.
  • Weapon pages did have evaluations, though they have been discontinued as of February 26, 2021. An archive of these evaluations can be found here.

List of Rifle/Ranged Weapons

Pure Ranged Weapons

Any ranged weapons that only take ranged damage-bonuses will be seen below:

Dragon King's Lance.png
Frontier Stargun.png
Gilded Rifle.png
Funky Driftlander.png
Hunter Rifle.png
Marksman Rifle.png
Pellet Gun.png
Pipe Rifle.png

Hybrid Weapons

Any ranged weapons that do not purely take ranged damage-bonuses and may focus on other damage-bonuses (magic or melee) will be seen below:


Unique Weapons

Any ranged weapons that do not take damage-bonuses at all will be seen below:



The list of ammunition that can be used and obtained in the Frontier. They mainly serve as useful needs in order for the players to actually use a weapon and specific ammunition are used for different weapons and as such, they will be listed below.

Crossbow Bolts.png
Gnome Rocket.png
Actual Spiked Crossbow Bolts.png
Spiked Crossbow Bolt.png