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This article will contain a list of all of the items that can be obtained from (Source Name here), located at (Source Location Name here). Each item/collectible has a chance of being given to the players if they successfully manage to (Reward Qualification Description here).


  • (Note A here)
  • (Note B here)
  • If you would like to see the chances for each reward on this list, click this link here.

List of Rewards

Here is the list of rewards that are given to the players after (Reward Qualification Description here). It’s listed alphabetically, but can also be sorted by selling prices as well by clicking on the drop-down arrow next or under the headings of the table.



If Else Descriptor(s)

(1) If a page covers a source which spans multiple different reward tables, make a separate grid table in the page for each instead of clumping them all into one. If not, only have one grid table.